How do I wholesale shop at Sadie Green’s?

Wholesale shopping is easy, both on our site and at our studio location!

If you are a store owner with a valid resale tax certificate you can shop wholesale here on our site or at our factory location in Southbridge, Massachusetts. You can also visit us at the several trade shows we do throughout the year.

Our opening minimum for an order is $100.00 USD and our minimum reorder is $50.00 USD. There are no minimum quantities per item. There is a $250.00 USD minimum for international orders.

We ask that the first order is paid with a credit card. If terms are desired, please fax or email us a copy of your credit sheet with your company information and references and we will be happy to process it in consideration of extending terms.

Registering on our website:

We do not allow the site to approve wholesale accounts automatically, therefore when you register on the site you will not see the wholesale prices until we manually activate your wholesale status. Please give us a call at 508-765-9209 (Mon-Fri, 9am-4pm EST) to let us know you have just registered and we will be happy to activate you right away. You can still place an order even if your wholesale status is not activated yet and we will adjust the prices for you when we receive the order. The wholesale prices are 50% off the retail prices shown.

Visiting our Studio Showroom:

If you will be in the Southbridge Massachusetts area you, as a wholesale shopper, are welcome to visit our showroom for your shopping pleasure! We only ask that you call ahead and let us know when you will be visiting*. If you are a new to Sadie Green’s, please bring a copy of your business information and resale certificate/tax ID number.

*When we are away at trade shows a lot of our stock is there at the show and we want to make sure that you have a wonderful and productive visit.

Visiting at a Tradeshow:

We do several shows a year in both Atlanta, GA and New York, NY in the months of Jan/Feb and July/Aug. We have been known to make an appearance at other shows in other locations throughout the year as well. We will keep an updated list of the shows we will be at and the booth numbers here for your convenience. Please click on the name of each show to be brought to the show’s webpage for the details for each event.

Upcoming Shows:

We do not have any shows scheduled at the moment. To stay up to date on future shows, please subscribe to our email list by filling out the form to the right and selecting wholesale.