Wear it for Wilson Amyloidosis Awareness Bracelet


Available in both adult and child size.

When The Sea Glass Collection was conceived, Wilson began tumbling the glass. The glass is then shipped to Mexico and handcrafted into the beautiful, simple design you see here by artisans who work in their homes.

Wilson underwent a kidney transplant and open heart surgery in 2016. In April of 2018, Wilson was finally diagnosed with Amyloidosis. His heart was stiffened and losing function. His late diagnosis increases the difficulty of his situation, but we are praying for a heart transplant.

Wilson has the genetic type of Amyloidosis. Most people and many doctors are unaware of this beastly disease. Thank you for helping us spread this awareness.


How Your Purchase Helps

With the purchase of this bracelet, $1 will go directly to The Amyloidosis Research Foundation. We sincerely thank you for supporting Wilson and all of those who have been diagnosed with Amyloidosis.

When you shop with Sadie Green’s you are not only supporting a small local business, but you are supporting the individual artisans and their families.  Behind every small business there is a story worth knowing.