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ALP-SG-B1 Sea Glass Bracelet


This bracelet features four pieces of seaglass hand wrapped in an alpaca wire and linked together. The glass is available in several colors and the bracelet measures an average of 7 1/2 inches with the adjustable hook closure. Sizes and colors of the glass pieces will vary.

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1 review for ALP-SG-B1 Sea Glass Bracelet

  1. “This is very pretty. Sometimes an item looks better in the picture than when received, but this bracelet is really nice. I want to add to this review by saying that not only is this a beautiful piece, but Sadie Green is my favorite store for Sea Glass. Since reading Karen White’s The Sound of Glass I’ve been nuts over jewelry made from sea glass and Sadie’s is the best shop I’ve come across. Not only that, they are so accommodating! I’ll definitely be back.”-Catherine S. Gordon, customer

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