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Can you ship my order US Mail?

Yes! We will gladly ship your order US Mail, and we usually do when shipping to a residential location. The USPS is less expensive in some cases and we will automatically ship your order in the least expensive way possible. We are working on getting the USPS shipping calculator to function on our site so we can offer it online automatically, however in the meantime if you would like to request USPS specifically please write your request in the customer notes section when checking out.

Can I shop at your factory location?

If you are a wholesale shopper, Yes! Our factory location is not open to the public, but if you are a wholesale shopper you can visit us anytime. We just ask that you call ahead and let us know you are coming because when we do shows a lot of the stock goes there with us. Please view our Wholesale Information page for further details.

How do I become a Wholesale Shopper?

If you have a store and have a resale tax ID number/certificate… you can be a wholesale shopper! Please see our page on Wholesale Information.

What type of metal is Alpaca?

Alpaca is an alloy metal that is a mix of copper, nickel, and zinc and then is plated silver and lacquered to create a durable non-tarnishing finish. The results is a metal that has the look of Sterling Silver at a fraction of the price.

Will Alpaca tarnish?

Alpaca usually doesn’t tarnish with regular wear. If some discoloring occurs it can be cleaned as if it were Sterling Silver. Storing the jewelry in zip lock bags when not being worn will help tarnishing not occur.

Will your Antique Reproduction Collection tarnish or change colors?

The base metal used for this collection is brass. Some darkening of the metal may happen with age, but each item is lacquered to keep it from tarnishing, however if this coating is removed it will tarnish. The protective coating can be harmed by some perfumes and chemical cleaners!

What is your return policy?

Our return policy is simple! If you are not happy with your purchase please give us a call for return authorization.

What is Tumbaga?

Tumbaga is an alloy metal of brass with just a touch of copper so that the color will resemble 14k gold. Our pieces made with this metal are lacquered to prevent turning or tarnishing. Do not use chemical cleaners on these items because it will ruin this lacquer coating, if cleaning is necessary simply wipe clean with a damp cloth.

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